Two MASSIVE Problems With the Whole Health & Nutrition Space!


If you care about health and nutrition science, watch this video.

This tweet is a response to a fun BioLayne takedown of Dave Asprey ,where Dave is demonizing Oat Milk.

Nobody actually thinks Layne is being paid off by Big Oat, but this highlights TWO really big problems within the health and nutrition space.

First, that people too often associate a particular health practice with their own identity. “I’m a vegan” “i’m a carnivore” “I’m bulletproof,”

Research shows that when you’re presented with hard evidence that OPPOSES a core belief, it actually makes you hold to that belief EVEN TIGHTER. Then if they can’t respond to the evidence, they resort to ad hominem arguments, attacking the character or motivations of the source. THAT IS NOT SCIENCE.

A better core belief for you would be “I value my health, and am willing to work for it, following the best available science”

The second problem is reductionism. Each of the 8 BILLION humans on this planet has a unique genetic and epigenetic makeup, and then diverged even further based on their life experience. Diet, environment, microbiome, etc. This is one reason why nutrition research is SO HARD. Cow milk is healthy for some, ok for some, and bad for others. Same goes for saturated fat, cholesterol, salt, sugar, and even vegetables. DOSAGE matters. TIMING matters. And, above all, BALANCE matters.

Until we live in a world where we can continuously track our unique biology–genees, blood, urine, stool, breath, heart–AND have enough data to develop fully customized recommendations, beware of ANYONE claiming that this ONE diet, or herb, or device, will fix ALL your problems. Maybe it did for someone. But if it could for everyone, then YES, doctors WOULD want you to know about it.