Moringa Benfits: Scientific Debunk

This is what would happen to your body if you eat moringa powder every day for two weeks.

  • Get ready. Any time you hear “this WILL happen” with regard to health, it usually shows they’re overconfident and underscienced. And with 31 MILLION views…

After 24 hours, your energy would increase as your body is filled with 92 out of 102 nutrients it needs.

  • There it is. You CANNOT fix nutrient deficiencies in 24 hours, and we covered last time how the whole “your body needs 102 nutrients” thing is a myth propagated by people who don’t understand the periodic table.

And after a week your skin will start to clear up as it kills all the bacteria that allows acne to survive in our skin.

  • “allows acne to survive”? Acne isn’t a living organism. It’s an inflammatory process that can be TRIGGERED by bacteria like Cutibactrium acnes.
  • And anything taken orally takes a long time to impact the skin. Even drugs like accutane take months.
  • But let’s see…
  • Nope, there isn’t a single published study looking at moringa and acne. Although it IS used in some traditional medicines to help fight certain skin infections. Moving on.

After 14 days, you'll have low anxiety after your street hormone cortisol has gone down.

  • Is “street hormone” some sort of knockoff stuff that you get from your local dealer? Maybe cut with some powdered sugar?
  • Let’s assume he meant “stress hormone,” which cortisol is.
  • Searching for “Moringa” paired with “cortisol” or “anxiety” gives us 14 results, but mostly in mice, and rabbits. And ONE human study. There was a mouse study that showed moringa giving some benefit for rodent anxiety, buut the Human trial only tested a botanical blend that included Moringa, and they compared it to a placebo and caffeine. It found NO change in cortisol levels, but there was a LOWERING in self-reported anxiety! In the placebo group. AND the caffeine group. No change in the botanical blend group.

But there ARE some potential health benefits from Moringa, backed up by ACTUAL research! Let me know if you want a breakdown.