Is Honey Good for Acne?

Can honey actually cure acne? Or is it just a sweet sweet anecdote?

Honey has been used medicinally as far back as Ancient Egypt, where it used for gynaecological issues and consumed to prevent pregnancy. It also shows up in Ayurveda, chinese medicine, and more.

But what about modern medical science?

There are literally HUNDREDS of studies examining its beneficial effects across a wide array of bodily systems, but when it comes to skin there’s a surprising lack of research. Many studies have shown its benefit for wound healing, mostly for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti- oxidant properties. The mechanisms are pretty cool- i’ll cover them in a later vid.

But for acne? I only found 2 relevant studies. One showed that honey did kill 2 of the main bacteria that contribute to acne. In a lab. But lots of things can be antimicrobial.

The other study was a randomized controlled trial comparing the use of an antimicrobial soap twice / day with that same soap + honey applied afterwards.

The result? There was some improvement across the board, but in BOTH groups. They DID NOT find EVIDENCE that the honey had any additive benefit to the soap. But it was a small trial, so more research needed!

Which honey topic should I cover next?

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