First Intro Vid

"Here's my biggest-"

"Here's my biggest regret after a year as a COVID science researcher"

"I'm Avisha. I'm an engineer who spent years working at hospitals, - Sinai pic

consulted venture capital funds on the validity of new technologies, and founded several biotech companies- the latest is manufacturing COVID testing chemicals. I'm also weird (Loki).

I've spent the last year reading literally thousands of scientific papers published on COVID-19 to help advise multibillion dollar corporations on safe reopening strategies–even visiting them to test their air.

All this made me realize something.

I love to write, speak, and share the science that I learn in digestible ways. My biggest regret is spending too much time lately advising corporations that only care about their bottom line, instead of sharing it all with you.

So that's what I'll be doing here.

Breaking down all that esoteric science–COVID and other– into bite sized, actionable tidbits. If you want to learn with me, feel free to hit that follow button and drop a comment with any question.