Everyday Addiction Test

Put a finger down if you’re addicted to:




Other Social Media



Diet Coke?

Video games?


Your partner?


But is it technically possible to be addicted to these things? And what can you do about it?

Neuroscientists and psychologists are still actively debating this, but here’s a simplified framework I use. It’s just one question.

Is it a behavior that you frequently do, voluntarily, but you wish that you could make yourself do less of.

It seems weird that that’s even possible right? But PRESENT you is always the one in the driver’s seat, leaving FUTURE you with the consequences.

(scale with preset reward, future consequences)

Past Avisha is the worst.

I hate that guy. (eating ice cream in corner)

But why does this matter?

Because identifying an addiction is the first step in strategizing to beat it. You need to accept the fact that you CANNOT stop it with willpower alone, because PRESENT you is a selfish bleep. But Present you NOW can help FUTURE present you.

Do something now to make “the behavior” the less attractive option in the moment, either by making it more difficult or by rewarding the other choice. This could be time restrictions on your devices. Buying healthy snacks. Being accountable to someone.

Never trust future you. Instead, send help.