Day 4: Beginner Workout Protocol

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  1. Here’s a workout protocol to maximize gains while minimizing injury risk.
  2. I have joint hypermobility, which is a joint collagen production problem that makes me super easily injured, which has always been a huge barrier for me putting on any significant muscle mass (especially lower body). So before starting my new fitness journey I spent weeks researching protocols that would let me progress safely.
  3. I settled on the 5-3-1 Beginner Protocol by world-renowned trainer Jim Wendler.
  4. First calculate your Training Max, roughly 90% of your 1 rep max. Then each workout you aim for set %’s of that training max, going medium hard week 1, hard week 2, then a bit lighter week 3. There are only 4 primary lifts, and each workout you work up to the day’s max. This is paired with a nice active warmup, and then some assorted lighter exercises at the end.
  5. I did my first full session yesterday as Day 4 of my fitness journey, and I’m pretty sore.