Day 5: 3 Productivity Apps that will Change Your Life

My Productivity Apps



Awesome Cross-platform To-Do list



Text-to-speech app I’ve used to listen to 24 Million words



What this site is built in and what I use to organize my entire life

(I am not sponsored or paid by any of these companies (I found them), but I do get a small affiliate payout if you’re nice enough to sign up using my link!😊)


3 Apps that will change your life, Productivity Edition

#1 is Speechify. People always ask me how I read so much, and this is the answer. I’ve used Speechify to listen to almost 24 million words in the last 2 years: articles, ebooks, web serials, you name it. It reads any text in a voice of your choosing, and trains you by slowly ramping up speed. I pay for it because it’s worth it.

#2 is ToDoist. I did a ton of research into the best to-do list apps, and this consistently came out on top with beautiful, easy-to-use interface that seamlessly works across phone and desktop. Used by productivity gurus like Ali Abdaal and Thomas Frank, the free version should be more than enough for you.

#3 is Notion. I could rave about notion for hours. It’s note-taking on steroids. I use it to organize my entire life. It’s where I track everything, plan out my video content, and it’s even how I built my website. I pay, but the free plan is AMAZING,