Day 1: Establishing Baselines


Welcome to Day 1 of trying out research-backed tools and techniques to 10x my health, productivity, and income.

Today we’re establishing baselines and setting up some tools and targets, because the key to progress is consistent tracking.

Here we go.


I weighed in and did the usual body fat analysis + 3d body scan to measure each muscle.

I’ve mostly done bodyweight stuff for years, so I hit the gym and and slowly added weight on the 4 big lifts, then plugged the top set into this calculator to get my 1 rep max for each. This’ll be the foundation of my full workout program, which i’ll cover soon. I intentionally under-did it on the squat and deadlift because I really want to work on form before maxing out. And boy does it need work! Critique me!

Cardio comes later this week.

Next up: sleep. I wear 2 sleep trackers, and they’re rarely thrilled with me, with sleep scores always in the 70’s and 80’s. Let’s get that to 90’s.

A quick snap for skin health, and we’re on to productivity!

I’ll track this with 5 metrics.

  1. Using the RescueTime app to track productive time spent at my computer-it measures EVERYTHING.
  2. Screen time on my phone.
  3. Number of successful pomodoro blocks per day- more on this later.
  4. # Of Words written
  5. # Of Videos filmed

Whew. It’s a start.

Check out my website for links to everything, join the discord to participate, and follow for deeper dives into everything i’ll be trying to boost these numbers!


Sleep Tracker #2: Fitbit Charge