Day 0 to 10x My Health, Productivity, and Income!


Day 0

Welcome to Day 0 of trying science-backed methods to 10x my health, productivity, and income. (Day-o - no day ZERO)

I’m a scientist who’s spent the last 10 years devouring books and research journals on these topics, but I’ve been so-so at applying and sharing them. Aaand I’m pretty self-conscious about it. It’s time to change all that, and you’re gonna help.


Sample goals: lose the chicken legs, boost my sleep scores, write AND PUBLISH regularly, and start authentically monetizing social media.

I’ll track everything and share updates on progress + the specific tools and techniques that I try

The Target is 100 days. That’s 70 days of 3.34% improvements in each category, with 30 days off. Because, you know, life. Is it doable? Follow along and find out. Want to do the same? Join my discord and share your own goals and updates!

Day 1 starts tomorrow.  AAAHHH