COVID Booster Update: How Long Should You Wait After a COVID Infection to Get a Booster?


How long should you wait after you last COVID infection to get the new booster?

The FDA and CDC are saying at least 2 months, but some of the CDC advisory committee were pushing for a longer interval.

But the same day of the FDA announcement last week, this preprint was published looking at how a recent COVID infection impacts your body’s immune response to a booster.

They found that, when it comes to the timing between your last infection and a new booster,


When the interval is too short, the response induced by the recent infection appears to prevent B cells from responding to the subsequent booster vaccine.

60 days after boosting, the group with a prior COVID infection actually had lower antibody and b cell levels than the group that DIDNT have a prior infection.

BUT, this difference went away when the prior infection was more than 180 days prior.

So. This was a small study, but it may indicate that, for the new boosters to have maximum effect, it could help to wait 6 months from your last infection.