4 One-Minute Habits that Leveled Up my Productivity & Mood / Health

  1. When i sit down to work, I rotate this physical timer to get started. I’m such a digital person that my digital spaces are crowded- using these lets me anchor my productivity in physical world.
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  1. Every time I leave a room, I try to take something that doesn’t belong there and put it away. Studies show that clean workspaces make for greater productivity.
  2. Whenever I get a sugar craving, I drink a glass of water or seltzer and wait 30s before indulging it. You’d be surprised at how often it makes the craving go away.
  3. Smile at strangers. Not in a creepy way. But the 2 seconds it takes to smile and say thank you to someone like a barista can have an outsized effect on their day, and make you feel better as well. You can level this one up by complimenting a stranger.