Sunscreen Quantity Calculator

Sunscreen Quantity Calculator

Sunscreen Surface Area Calculator

Remember, this calculated amount assumes that you’re using a good sunscreen! Check out below for my top recommendations.

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Sunscreens I Use

Full Body Sunscreen - UVA + UVB - German - The US standard for “broad spectrum” protection is pretty terrible. This one has the best European rating, at a great price!

Full Body Sunscreen - Broad Spectrum Mineral - Australian - For those who want a fully mineral, non-chemical option with a good price and nice texture. BONUS: It’s got a super cool bottle that changes color in the presence of harmful UV! 😎

Face Sunscreen - UVA/UVB - Sensitive Skin - This is a bit pricey for full-body application, but sometimes for the face it's worth going higher-quality. This broad-spectrum sunscreen has added Hyaluronic Acid, Caffeine, and green tea polyphenols for added hydration, skin tightening, and anti-oxidative effects.

(note: these are affiliate links–I have no relationship with the brand, but your using these links earns me a small commission on each purchase, at no added cost to you. Every little bit helps me keep putting out this content! 😄)


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