Amazing Steve Jobs fact, Update on Articles, Useful Website…

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Here we go:

Amazing Steve Jobs Fact: I’ve recently been enjoyed the beautifully written Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. He pulls no punches, giving a window into a brilliant but also flawed figure. One pretty crazy factoid was that Steve was adopted, and it turned out that his father ran a California restaurant that he actually frequented! He stated: “I was in [the] restaurant once or twice and I remember meeting the owner who was from Syria. And it was most certainly [my father]. And I shook his hand and he shook my hand. And that’s all.”

Beauty Motivates Science: A recent “Work and Well Being” study found that, in scientists surveyed, “75% of respondents encounter beauty in the phenomena that they study and, for 62%, this had motivated them to pursue a scientific career.

Useful Website I’m Enjoying: Ever try searching for a karaoke track for a song but you just can’t find it? Or you want to play around with the instrumentals for some fun project? does a great job of using machine learning to separate out any track into Vocals + Drums + Instruments + Bass.

Update on Articles:

What’s the deal with the Robert Malone debunk? When I made the first few parts of my debunking Robert Malone video series I also promised a written version that you guys could reference. So here’s what’s been going on. Since publishing those videos, the open letter to Spotify was published (I was one of scientists actively involved in it) and everything blew up. I had been working with the handful of scientists behind that letter to create a written resource to support it, which our original plan was to publish soon after the letter itself. Unfortunately, many of those involved have been personally attacked and threatened, and the written follow up has to potential to make things worse for them. That being said, I still fully intent to publish my own version as a concise list of claims and debunks, it its something you guys are still interested in. Let me know, and stay tuned!

Where’s the collagen article?

It’s coming along. I keep doing more research into different facets of it, often based on questions from you guys, so hopefully it’ll be finished next week!So…what do you think? Do you like this “4-BulletFriday” email and want more of them? Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions on Twitter. Just send a tweet to @distilldscience and put#4BulletFriday in there so I can find it. Or just respond to this email:)

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