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Here we go:

ADHD Reading App: This could be a game changer. I’ve had tons of friends with ADHD complain to me over the years about how hard it is for them to sit and read a book. They’ve said that it’s not always an attention issue–instead it’s often hard to even properly track the words on the page. Enter: Bionic Reading. It’s a method of reformatting text to help guide the eye between fixation points, and so far the friends with ADHD or dyslexia that I’ve shown it to have given rave reviews. You can convert any doc to this style on their website, or now use their brand new browser extension!


Fascinating Lecture on Gut Science: I listened to this podcast episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and learned tons of new things about how the gut works and some of the science behind “leaky gut.” Very occasionally when i listen to a podcast I’ll add it to a list of “episodes to re-listen to in full.” In this case, I’ve got time blocked out to go back through the video. Some of what she discusses may end up being disproven given how cutting edge it is, but I find this stuff fascinating! (WARNING: It gets technical!)

Hilarious Video I Enjoyed: Ryan George is probably my favorite comedian right now. Most famous for his Pitch Meetings, many don’t realize just how many other funny videos he makes. For anyone who enjoys the Indiana jones, National Treasure, or Tomb Raider style movies, but found aspects of them to be a bit ridiculous–you’ll love this.

Kitchen Gadget I Didn’t Realize I’d Been Missing: Have you ever tried to cut a tomato with a dull knife? ‘Tis a recipe for disaster. For years I’ve been using the “long-tube” style knife sharpeners, thinking that that was the most authentic method. Until this week when I finally got one of these guys. Less than $10, and suddenly I’ve got friends helping me in the kitchen and complimenting me on how amazing all of my knives are!

Thanks for reading! Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. If you enjoyed any of these items, or have comments, let me know! You can respond here (I sometimes see those), or hit me up on twitter or my Discord!