AI Tools for Influencers (Hidden FIDES Page)

AI Tools for Influencers (Hidden FIDES Page)

Hey folks! This is a list the AI resources that I use in my science-education content creation process on a regular basis (as well as some that I don’t use but others enjoy).

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Table of Contents

General AI


Only access to 3.5 without an account. The GPT4 and 4o models are well worth it.

ChatGPT-3.5 vs ChatGPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, and GPT-4o: Key Differences...

Quick Tips:

  • You can periodically download all of your data. This makes it much easier to search and reference.
  • When creating a prompt, make sure to choose a role
  • Unroll a thread
    • "I will give you a messy copy paste from a sequence of threads posts. I want you to extract only the useful text and give it back to me as a clean list:
  • You can create a custom context that any default new chat takes into account.
  • Custom context (Click user profile image > “Customize ChatGPT”

    When I ask you to write a post, script, email, tweet, a blog or article, follow and do this:
    Structured: Organize topics for easy digestion.
    Hooks: Start with compelling hooks.
    Facts: When you make a factual statement, include a reference to a source for the fact.
    Voice: Maintain an authentic, authoritative tone. Most importantly, write like a human in a real style of writing.
    Novelty: Introduce surprising, captivating Ideas.
    Resonance: Use stories, analogies, examples.
    Personal: Make it personal.
    Actionable: End with practical steps.
    Interactive: Include reader prompts/ questions.
    Overall: Your writing style is human. Always.
    No jargon, but simple and influential. Don't ever start a social copy with an emoji.
    Reference books, quotes, authors, studies, and facts where applicable.
    No Yapping.

    Custom context for written content creators:

    Custom Instructions: Box 1: "I'm a content creator specializing in [health education]. My target audience is [target audience] and I mainly write about [topics]. The goal of my blog is to [sell a product or service/generate leads/become monetized etc.]

    "Box 2: "Offer tips on SEO and content structure. Rank for keywords relevant for my topic. Always add meta descriptions with relevant keywords. Add a FAQ sections reinforcing the SEO keywords."

    Excellent Article on Setting Custom Contexts

Gemini Advanced

Gemini 1.5 (AI Studio)

Can receive video input


Great at creative tasks and coding

Intro to Claude 3.5 Video

AI-powered search that cites sources from across the web. Pro version can do image generation and select from the other main models like ChatGPT and CLaude

Prompts for Content Creators

400+: ChatGPT prompts for content creators, writers, bloggers by Lori Ballen

5x: Examples of well-engineered content creation prompts by Amin Boulouma

1x: Collaborative creative writing by Andrew Mayne

11x: Write a thread hook, CTA for Twitter or newsletter subject lines by Heather Cooper

8x: ChatGPT prompts for content marketing, email marketing, search and social media marketing by Dave Chaffey

20x: All things SEO: Generate, classify keywords, translate them, generate titles, metas, avoid duplicates, generate summaries, generate tech documentents like .htaccess or robots.txt. By Aleyda Solis.

5x: Still more things SEO: coding and content creation.

100x: Alexandra collected a long list of prompts for social media content creation (most of them are not really over-engineered)

Scientific Research

Custom GPTS

SciSpace (or main SciSpace page)

Good for tabulating references with their key incites and citation counts

Consensus (or main Consensus page)

Good for getting multiple sides of an issue


DistilledScience Study Analyzer

Reads in a research paper and goes through a detailed checklist to determine how well the study was designed and how trustworthy, generalizable, and clinically significant the results are.

Other Tools

Usful interface for tracking downstream citations

Research Rabbit

Good for getting a quick understanding of the interconnected citation web of papers on a given topic

Image Generation

Free Stock Sites




Better at:

  • giving photorealistic outputs without obvious AI glitchy portions.
  • giving multiple images with the same character (via -- cref url parameter)
  • Creating multiple generations similar to an original
  • Getting multiple versions of a given prompt
  • upscaling

ChatGPT / DallE

Better at:

  • Creating complicated composite images and graphics based on elaborate prompts

Video / Audio Editing

This video gives an overview of many of the below:

Plugin for Premiere Pro

  • Silence cutting
  • Captions
  • Zooms
  • Automatic YouTube Chapters
  • Automatic b-roll (not great)

I use this for all my videos. (This referral code gets you 50-100% the first month: E7V730BS)

Cut out bad takes, like firecut

Can export to Premiere


Some of it’s AI features you might not know about:

  1. Background remover
  2. Enhance / zoom footage, outpainting
  3. Reframe for 9:16
  4. Retouch

Adobe Podcast Enhance (I use this all the time for any audio I don’t record with my professional mic)

Free vocal cleanup and noise isolation.

Video Repurposing

Opus Clip

Turn long-form into short clips

Take longform video and section it out into interesting shorter segments with titles

Image Editing

Canva Magic Studio

Great for images and presentations

  • Text to Image and Video (Image gen powered by DALL-E
  • Outpainting
  • Auto-animate

Animate Images & Text to Video


Converts still images into 3d perspective-animated images. Free commercial license for first few uses per day.


Text to video generator

Image to video generator

You're 100% free to use any content you create using Runway both commercially or non-commercially, and all copyright for your creations and generations is held by you.”

How it Works

LumaLabs Dream Machine

Text to video generator

Image to video generator

Free Tier: 5 generations/day with small watermark in corner

  • Good character consistency
  • Accurate Physics

Sound with AI


Creates full audio tracks, with or without lyrics.


Good at making mixed-emotion tracks. Lower quality overall than Suno.


AI tools are great at writing in whatever style you choose. Here is a long list of styles you can choose from to give them as part of your prompt:
Fun prompt to test: “Write a yo mama joke in a scholarly academic style with a little bit of redneck vibe”



Writing assistant and editor that follows you everywhere (texts, emails, etc.)

WriteForMe Custom GPT

Detecting AI / Humanizers


Humanizer GPT

Platform Specific


Linkedin Growth AI